Tips to Crack SRT in SSB Interview

Interested in knowing about SSB SRT test and what are the best tips to crack it?

SRT is part of psychological testing at SSB Interview. SRT is conducted in a 5-day selection process which consists of various stages and tests. SRT is held on the 2nd day of SSB INTERVIEW process. SRT is immediately conducted after the WAT ( Word Association Test). 30 minutes are provided to answer 60 situations. SRT is an important test for scoring high marks in SSB interviews.

All the 60 situations are printed in a booklet and candidates need to write their responses in a separate answer sheet. Keep this in mind that only 30-minute duration is provided to complete the test.

Tips to Crack SRT in SSB Interview

SRT is held to test the candidate’s ability to respond to the daily life problems. The responses from the candidates show their common sense, time sense, the ability of reasoning, empathy, decision making and maturity. Here BREAKTHROUGH POINT is providing some tips to crack SRT in SSB Interview. These tips are very useful to clearing SRT in SSB Interview Preparation.

1- Practice as many situations as you can. Try to reach the decision with a focused mind.

2- Write the sensible response that comes to your mind after imagining the situation

3- Do not write long responses because it is time-consuming.

4- Give a positive and meaningful reaction.

5- Sometimes, uncommon situations are asked, try to make a meaningful conclusion as it reveals your ability to handle any situation.

If you find that the situation is repeated then just maintain the previous one as giving different responses give the sense of fakeness.

7- Sentences should be short to manage time.

8- You may refer good books but your responses should match your personality as books only provide sample solution.

9- Be realistic and practical with your responses.

10- Try to attempt all the situations

11- Think cleverly. Be good in communication and be more analytical

12- Don’t write multiple actions.

13- Attempt SRTs one by one sequentially. Do not skip any SRT.

Hope these tips would help you to prepare for the SRT in the upcoming SSB Interview.

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