Terms & Condition

Terms & Conditions

Please go through the terms and conditions provided below before you register or use the services on the website. Usage of services, materials, and further information on the website legally indicates that you have accepted the terms and conditions of the website.

This text has been published in accordance with the guidelines stated in the Information Technology Rules, 2011 that holds the right on the publication of terms and conditions and privacy policy for access to breakthroughpoint.in The Company has been established as per the laws of the Indian Government. For the sole purpose of this document, everyplace the context of ‘You’ or ‘User’ has been used, it will suggest that the reference is to any natural or legal individual who has agreed to the terms and conditions of usage of the website and the services given by the same by entering information while registering on the website. BREAKTHROUGH POINT also permits users to browse through the website without registering on the website. Terms such as ‘We’, ‘Us’ and ‘Our’ will indicate BREAKTHROUGH POINT. BREAKTHROUGH POINT may offer search services through a  Mobile Application, Website, Telephone, SMS or any further medium. When a User uses any of these platforms or mediums, the User is bound by the Terms and Conditions enlisted on this Website.


BREAKTHROUGH POINT may alter the Terms and Conditions of use of this website with no prior notice to the Users. Non Registered and Registered users of the website needs to check regularly the Terms and Conditions of the Website for any updates in same. BREAKTHROUGH POINT utilizes an extensive range of information, content, graphics, website design, look and feel of the Website, photographs, animation, advertisement and audio materials to comfort the research services provided by the Website. The information reproduced on the Website is for personal and non-commercial usage of the visitors or users of the website. BREAKTHROUGH POINT has adopted every suitable process to ensure the authenticity of the information displayed on the Website and other search Platforms provided; however, BREAKTHROUGH POINT is not legally answerable for any loss or damage incurred to the Users due to the usage of information provided on the varied platforms. Users are allowed to use, distribute and copy the information provided for personal and non-commercial use only. Users are constrained to mine data, scrap data, or use processes to send queries to BREAKTHROUGH POINT through automated software of any nature. Users are not allowed to use the Website to collect data about various vendors of a particular product or service. Licenses to users are not issued in accordance with the laws applicable under any Copyright, Patent, Trademark or Intellectual Property Rights on the information, materials, technology, product or service used in the Website. All such rights are conserved with BREAKTHROUGH POINT, its parent company or any other third party that has been approved the rights for the same. The name and the logo of BREAKTHROUGH POINT, the products, design, content, and slogans are Trademark, Wordmark and Service Mark of BREAKTHROUGH POINT and its subsidiaries. Other trademarks are exclusively owned by the respective owners of the listing. Users are not allowed to use the marks, name, and logo for advertising purposes in any commercial manner without a permission from BREAKTHROUGH POINT. Users are recommended not to send or share any information that is confidential or copyright information. Personal Information can be provided by Users, which will be kept confidential in accordance with the Privacy Policies solicited on the website by BREAKTHROUGH POINT. Materials and content, including but not restricted to reviews, feedback, questions, answers, and other suggestions will be considered as non-confidential. BREAKTHROUGH POINT has no obligation to keep information (other than personal details) confidential or reproduce and distribute the same. BREAKTHROUGH POINT will use the techniques or know-how shared by the Users for developing or manufacturing new products or services in the information provided.

 Reviews and Comments of Users

BREAKTHROUGH POINT offers directory listing and information services to Users via mediums. The feedback and reviews given by Users for the services provided by BREAKTHROUGH POINT and the service providers are subject to the Terms and Conditions stated herein. Users are accountable for the provision of any data that is communicated on this Website or through any other mediums offered by BREAKTHROUGH POINT, including but not limited to the Feedback, Reviews and other Comments given by Users on the same. The information provided by Users will not be accepted as a representation of the view of BREAKTHROUGH POINT. When a User provides information on BREAKTHROUGH POINT, You permit and license Us to use, distribute and reproduce information without any royalty or exclusive rights that are perpetual, irrevocable and worldwide. Users confirm that they have the right to grant such rights to BREAKTHROUGH POINT. Users therefore grant the intellectual property rights and moral rights to BREAKTHROUGH POINT for the communications shared by Users on the Website and other mediums. We will have the right to use the information provided by Users from time to time. Users guarantee that the reviews, comments and feedback provided by them are correct and do not violate the terms and conditions enlisted on the Website or other mediums used by BREAKTHROUGH POINT to provide directory-listing and information services. We have the full right to mask or unmask the identity of the User who posts the comments, reviews and feedback on the services provided by business owners.

BREAKTHROUGHPOINT has the complete right to monitor, edit or remove the content or information provided by Users in the form of reviews, comments and feedback. We do not review all communications or information provided by Users through the varied mediums provided. Though, we have the sole right to edit, monitor and eliminate the communication provided without any obligation to the User, which might be considered to be violent or contrary to the Terms and Conditions and its violation stated herein. We standby the right to not to publish or distribute communication which:

  • Is sexually, obscene, abusive explicit, threatening or pornographic to the other users of the services.
  • Constitutes false or untrue information about the origin of facts.
  • Disrupts the legal rights of any third party service providers or individuals.
  • Causes harm, loss or injury to any individual or entity.
  • Violates the intellectual property rights, contract rights, privacy rights or copyright of any third party individual.
  • Violates the laws and regulations that are applicable.
  • Contains of virus, software or malicious codes to limit or damage the functionality of the software and hardware of a computer or telecommunication device.
  • Copying another individual or User.
  • Gathering and using the information about the visitors of the Website.

Users agree that if any issue or claim arises due to the reviews, feedback and comments provided by the User, then BREAKTHROUGH POINT will have the complete right to take legal action against the same individual. User shall protect and compensate to BREAKTHROUGH POINT in case such a claim or issue arises due to the posting of comments or communication of the User.